Why the Design/Build Concept is Right for Your Mankato, MN, New Construction Building

Oct 25, 2017

A.B. Systems believes that the design/build construction method has some key advantages over the design/bid/build method commonly used. With a full range of services for commercial construction in Mankato, MN, we can help from site selection through design. Here’s why we favor the design/build model:

  • Design/build fosters a more relationship-based system that we believe works to everyone’s advantage. Because you work with one single source for the entirety of your project, you’re more of a partner than a customer
  • Budget is discussed up front, not as the job progresses or is bid on. Communicating the cost in advance means the owner has a say in the final price and there are no surprises. Costs are clearly defined, controlled, and understood at all phases of the project
  • Communication is limited, which in this case is a good thing. Fewer “hands in the pot” means a design professional and a construction manager are focusing on the details rather than a crew of people being involved
  • Your interests are protected. Because we’re all from the same firm, our focus is on your project, and we work together as a team with no issues from outside sources
  • Turnaround time is shortened, and projects are completed on time. Bid time is massively reduced with design/build. This means scheduling can be done even before you finalize the design
  • We find that this method, which equates to “one-stop-shopping,” means less stress and enhanced communication throughout your project. Our customers feel very much a part of the process and are as proud as we are when the build is completed

A.B. Systems believes that when it comes to building in Mankato, MN, our customers want transparent pricing, fair treatment, and a great looking building done on time. Let’s work together through the design/build process for your new construction building. Contact us today at (507) 288-9397.